Modular buildings are incredibly versatile and, as such, have become popular in many industries. Their durability, adaptability, speed and cost-efficiency have made modular buildings a brilliant solution for different business needs. This includes offices, breakrooms, toilet facilities, storage and more.

So you’ve decided that a modular building would be an excellent solution for your business but aren’t sure which building is right for your needs? This blog will take you through selecting the ideal modular building, considering purpose, size, design, budget, regulations and supplier. Keep reading to find out more.


The first thing to consider when choosing a modular building is its purpose. What do you need this extra space for? How will it be used?

Once you have determined how you will use your modular building, you can narrow down the types of structures you want to look at.

Office space

Modular offices provide cost-effective spacing solutions that ensure your staff have a comfortable and motivating workplace space. Our buildings can be modified to offer open-plan collaborative offices, private meeting rooms and quality breakout areas, depending on your needs.

Modular building suppliers understand the importance of a quality work environment, so they provide quality buildings that can be adapted to fit your needs. Help your business flourish with a modular office that is bespoke to your business and budget. 

Construction site facilities

Modular buildings offer essential amenities for construction site workers. These buildings can provide toilet and shower facilities, office space, break rooms and kitchen space. This means your staff have everything they need to work comfortably and readily available. 

Modular buildings provide kitchen facilities, allowing staff to prepare and store their food somewhere on-site. This minimises distractions as employees do not need to go off-site for lunch and also promotes bringing healthy food to work. Help your staff stay focused and healthy with modular buildings.


The next thing to consider when choosing a modular building for your business is size. How many people does your building need to accommodate? How much space is required for the facilities you want to include?

Once you know the number of people that will utilise the building at any one time and have decided whether you would like to include break-out spaces or other amenities,  the modular building supplier will be able to provide a basic plan proposal based on this information.

Single and two-storey modular buildings are available to buy and rent. So, regardless of how small or large your spacing needs, there is a modular building that is right for your business.

modular building interior

Design and Layout

Once you know how you will use your modular building and what size building you need, you can begin to think about design and layout. 

Modular buildings can be customised to fit your requirements. This can include anything from the number of rooms and the placement of windows and doors to aesthetic finishes like materials, flooring and finishes. 

Fixtures and fittings customisations are what make a bespoke modular building. Exterior finishes like cladding and roofing can alter the appearance of your building, whereas the choice of doors or ramps can be suited to accessibility needs. Interior finishes such as walls and ceilings can have aesthetic purposes, and adding a HVAC system has great practical and energy-saving applications.

Throughout the construction process, your supplier will provide design support to help you decide what customisations are appropriate, address any issues or modifications that arise, and ultimately create the ideal building for your needs.

The flexibility of modular building designs is particularly beneficial in sectors like healthcare and education, where needs can vary significantly.  No matter your industry, you can create a modular facility that perfectly accommodates and represents your business.


Cost is unsurprisingly a crucial factor to consider when buying a modular building. Discuss your requirements with your provider, and they will help you make the most of your budget.

Size, design, and features can all impact the price of a modular office, so deciding what you do and don’t want from your modular building is a great way to determine cost.  

Modular buildings are available to buy or hire, new or used. New modular buildings are significantly cheaper than traditional buildings. Used buildings can help stretch your budget even further. Modular building hire is an excellent solution if your business does not have the capital outlay to purchase a building outright. 

modular building

Codes and regulations

Modular buildings must meet the same building codes and regulations as traditional buildings. Despite this, checking all relevant codes and regulations in your area is essential before purchasing.

Some suppliers will even check regulations and codes for you. For example, Excel Modular’s complete turn-key service includes completing planning applications and getting building regulations approval. This makes purchasing a modular building in the UK more straightforward than ever. 

Choosing the right supplier

Once you know what you’re looking for in terms of size, facilities, etc., discuss your full requirements with your supplier. A professional supplier can advise you on which modular buildings are most suitable for your business.

Therefore, you must select a supplier with plenty of experience in the modular building industry. You can check your provider’s experience by looking at case studies, asking for examples of previous work and checking qualifications and accreditations. 

Excel Modular: Top-quality modular buildings UK

Choosing the right modular building for your business hinges on many factors. It is important to consider purpose, size, design, budget, and regulations carefully. Once you have narrowed your needs and budget, you should relay this information to your selected supplier. 

Excel Modular is a modular building manufacturer based in Hull, working nationwide. We have over 40 years of experience in supplying and hiring modular and portable buildings. 

At Excel Modular, we have helped businesses across various sectors find the right modular building for their needs. 

In addition to this, our site teams have CSCS accreditations, and our managers are NEBOSH and SMSTS certified, so you can be assured that our service is top-quality. 

Contact our friendly team today if you are ready to start a new project and elevate your business!