Modular classrooms have long been a popular solution for providing temporary school space. However, the days of draughty, cabin-style buildings are gone. Instead, modular buildings have been transformed into modern learning spaces, which many schools are choosing as permanent spacing solutions. 

In the last ten years, there has been a 9.3% increase in the number of pupils attending schools in the UK. Modular buildings allow schools to expand capacity and provide bespoke learning facilities for this increasing number of students.

Transform education with pupil-centred learning spaces

Student-centred learning is gaining popularity within the education sector. This method allows pupils to participate more actively in their learning by having a say in what, why and how they learn. 

This often leads to collaborative learning, encouraging communication between students and teachers and students and their peers. Modular classrooms provide open-plan, collaborative learning environments that transform education by encouraging and furthering pupil-centred learning. 

Modular classroom exterior

Transform your modular classroom with bespoke customisable options

Every school, teacher, and student is different, so classrooms need to be versatile enough to accommodate that. Modern modular classrooms are entirely customisable and provide various practical and aesthetic design options. 

These design options can completely transform your classroom, which can, in turn, transform your students’ education. Classroom design can impact everything from student motivation to students’ sense of belonging and even safety. 

Practical Customisations

Practical design options can include the placement of windows and doors, ramps, non-slip floors, soundproofing and more.

Environmental factors like natural light can contribute significantly to student learning. Exposure to natural light has been linked to improved mood, concentration, and overall well-being. Therefore, the placement of windows is an important design element to transform education and optimise student motivation.

Schools should be inclusive, places where everyone feels welcome. Accessibility features such as wider doorways and ramps are vital. Make your classroom safe and practical for all students.

Different types of classrooms have different practical requirements. Modular buildings can be tailored to individual classroom needs. For example, a mobile science classroom can be fitted with non-slip floors to ensure the safety of all students, particularly when participating in laboratory experiments. Modular music classrooms, on the other hand, could be soundproofed. This ensures that students in neighbouring classrooms are focused on their lessons.

Aesthetic Customisations

Aesthetic design options can include exterior finishes like roofing and cladding or interior finishes like walls and flooring. 

Modular classrooms are available with all types of timber cladding. These options make modern mobile classrooms a far cry from the unsightly temporary buildings they once were. This difference in visual appeal can actually make a massive difference in student learning experiences. Students are more likely to feel motivated to work in pleasant environments. Placing value on the learning environment demonstrates that you highly regard student comfort and happiness. 

The interior of a modular classroom, including walls and floors, can be designed to incorporate school colours. This consistent branding helps strengthen school values and make students feel like part of a community.  

Sustainable modular classrooms transforming the education sector

With climate change’s devastating impact becoming increasingly clear, sustainability is an increasingly important topic to teach school-aged children. By emphasising the significance of environmentally friendly practices, you can prepare your students for challenges they may face in the future and equip them with the skills and understanding necessary to address said challenges. 

Modular buildings are taking the construction industry by storm and offering a sustainable alternative to traditional ones. 

Sustainability factors include:

  • Factory construction ensures any waste is reduced, reused or recycled. 
  • Minimised transportation and on-site build time reduce CO2 emissions. 
  • Modular buildings are fitted with high-quality insulation and advanced HVAC systems, which reduce energy consumption.
  • Modular buildings are part of a circular economy. They can be reused and refurbished repeatedly to ensure the maximum use of the building.

By choosing to implement modular classrooms at your school, you demonstrate your institution’s commitment to sustainability. This transforms the sustainability education you provide students by increasing your institution’s credibility.

modular classroom interior

What are the benefits of choosing modular classrooms?

Cost-effective, quality buildings 

One of the main benefits of modular buildings is that they are high quality and incredibly cost-effective. This is brilliant for the education sector, as schools require top-quality learning spaces but often work with strict budgets.

Modular classrooms are constructed in a controlled factory environment. This guarantees a standardised quality level and significantly reduces on-site build and transportation costs. 

Modular buildings are also available, new or used, at many different price points. This means you can transform your school, no matter your budget. 

New classrooms in no time

Another benefit of choosing mobile classrooms is that they are swiftly installed. Modular buildings can be installed up to 50% faster than traditional buildings. 

Quick installation means that your modular classrooms can be installed during school holidays to avoid disruption to learning. Your school can continue to run as usual, and students can return from half term to new, bespoke learning facilities.

Codes and regulations 

Safety and adherence to regulations are essential factors for schools to consider when finding new spacing solutions. Modular buildings meet the same codes as traditional buildings.

A significant benefit of purchasing a modular classroom from Excel Modular is that we will complete all necessary planning applications and ensure building regulations approval. 

Transform your school with a modular classroom from Excel Modular 

Modular classrooms can completely transform your school. They provide excellent space to encourage student-centred learning. Customisations can influence student motivation, satisfaction, inclusivity and safety. And finally, the inclusion of mobile classrooms can lend a hand in teaching the next generation of students about the importance of sustainability.

Mobile classrooms are an excellent option for schools because they adhere to building regulations, are fast to install, and can maximise budgets for a great return on investment. 

Excel Modular is a modular building manufacturer based in Hull, working nationwide. We have over 40 years of experience in supplying modular and portable classrooms. 

Are you ready to transform your school and enhance your learning environment? Then take a look at our buildings or contact our friendly team today!