When protecting your business and equipment, site security is of the utmost importance. Anti-vandal cabins help you create a secure site by safeguarding valuable resources and preventing business losses. 

Anti-vandal cabins are a cost-effective and quick solution to prevent theft and vandalism. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that various industries use portable cabin hire for this purpose. 

Sectors choosing anti-vandal cabins for site security

Durable and secure portable cabins are necessary for a wide range of industries. Sectors which commonly use anti-vandal cabins include:

  • Construction: Secure storage for tools and equipment.
  • Sports and leisure: Keep valuable sporting equipment safe.
  • Security and surveillance: Secure space for personnel and equipment. 
  • Public events: Used as ticket booths, information centres or first aid facilities.
  • Emergency response: These can be temporary shelters or first aid centres.
Anti-vandal cabin

How are anti-vandal cabins used to create a secure site? 


Anti-vandal cabins are built to be durable, withstand harsh environments and shield against unauthorised entry or damage. They feature reinforced steel walls, doors and window shutters. These features are an excellent deterrent to intruders and make it difficult to break in or cause damage for those who do try.


Flexible anti-vandal cabins can include tailored security features. They can be equipped with heavy-duty padlocks, advanced locking systems or even CCTV to ensure your valuables remain safe and secure. 

Fire safe

Anti-vandal cabins protect personnel and valuable equipment from external and internal threats. These buildings are designed with fire safety in mind and are built with fire-resistant materials. To protect your site, they can also include other precautionary equipment, such as fire extinguishers or fire blankets. 


Portable cabins are just that -portable! This is a significant benefit for temporary business sites, like construction, as your anti-vandal cabin can be easily moved to your next worksite. This means your anti-vandal cabin can keep your business safe and secure no matter where you move to.

Anti-vandal cabins provide more than just security

Anti-vandal cabins do an excellent job of keeping business sites secure, but they also have a number of other uses. These portable buildings can also provide the following:

  • Comfortable workspaces: Portable buildings are well-ventilated and have good natural light, allowing staff to complete their work in a pleasant space. An environment prioritising staff comfort and convenience boosts morale, improving employee engagement, job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Area for staff breaks: Providing a comfortable and relaxing space for employees to take breaks is crucial for staff well-being and productivity. Resting allows staff to return to work refreshed and motivated.
  • Toilet facilities: Many anti-vandal buildings can be equipped with toilet facilities. Providing on-site toilet facilities is a necessity and a regulatory requirement. Portable toilet facilities offer staff a hygienic and pleasant experience.
Anti-vandal cabin interior

The benefits of portable cabins


Portable buildings allow you to stretch your budget further. Costs are lowered due to factory construction, reduced transportation, and speedy installation. Portable cabins are also built to be energy efficient, saving you money on energy bills in the long run. 

Quick installation

Anti-vandal cabins can be installed up to 70% faster than traditional buildings. The reduced on-site build time means disruption to your business, surrounding areas, and wildlife is minimised.


Portable cabins are guaranteed to be high-quality as standard. Modular and portable construction occurs predominantly in a factory environment. This leads to levels of quality control that are impossible to achieve on a traditional building site, which is affected by factors like bad weather.

Flexible solution 

Portable cabins can be either a long-term or short-term solution, depending on your business needs. 

Portable cabin hire is an excellent solution if you only want to rent for a short period. For example, whilst waiting for a traditional building to be constructed, to expand facilities during an event or if your work site is temporary. 

Anti-vandal cabins can be bought or hired as a long-term solution. These buildings are durable and adaptable, so they can meet your business requirements for as long as you’d like.


Portable cabins are incredibly eco-friendly for a number of reasons, including:

  • Waste is minimised due to factory construction -any excess materials are reused, repurposed or recycled. 
  • Transportation is minimised, thus decreasing CO2 emissions. 
  • Portable buildings feature high-quality insulation, HVAC systems and advanced sealing techniques, which reduce energy consumption.

Bespoke options 

Portable and anti-vandal cabins come with a range of bespoke options. This means you can customise your building to fit your exact business needs.

Portable cabin hire from Excel Modular Buildings

At Excel Modular, we are proud to offer some of the very best anti-vandal cabins for sale and hire. Our buildings have an all-steel construction and are equipped with heavy-duty doors and window shutters. If this isn’t enough, we have a proven track record of deterring and preventing theft and vandalism. 

We have a range of standard anti-vandal units ready to be installed and available in stock

We also understand that every site is different, so we can manufacture our cabins to your specifications in compliance with building regulations on your site. 

Our team members have the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) accreditation, and our managers are NEBOSH certified. This means that we provide first-class service in top-quality buildings as well as top-quality buildings.

If you want increased security on your site, take a look at our anti-vandal cabins. If you have any questions about portable cabins, get in touch with our expert team today.