Timber clad cabins in hull and east yorkshire

Gone are the days of unsightly temporary buildings. At Excel Modular, we offer a range of aesthetically pleasing timber clad buildings. Our timber clad cabins are a popular alternative external cladding option for modular buildings and portable cabins. 

With over four decades of experience, buildings from Excel Modular are not only visually appealing but also high-quality. Our modular buildings are versatile, reliable and bespoke to your specific requirements.

Certified by Constructionline and Acclaim Accreditation, our expert modular building sales team can guide you through the complete design and construction process.



Our timber clad jackleg cabins and modular buildings are available in all types of hardwood or softwood exterior cladding. 

Several standard options are available, including Thermowood, Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch. We can also clad our cabins in any other cladding available to the marketplace.

The fascia and corner trims are fitted with Pattisol as standard but can be matched to the timber wall cladding if preferred. They can be colour-matched to the main walls or supplied in another colour of preference. 

Thermowood Cladding

This heat-treated softwood product is as hard-wearing as hardwood but at a reduced price. Thermowood is also very low maintenance.


This cladding is a similar cost to Thermowood and is a pale yellow/golden brown. Like all timber, Siberian Larch, over time, weathers to a silver-grey. This can be prevented, and the original colour is retained with a good UV treatment.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Ceder is a reddish-brown colour but, in sunlight, without treatment, will turn quickly into silver. This product is more expensive than Thermowood or Larch timber cladding but is incredibly hardwearing and very popular.


Meranti has been used in Europe for over 50 years and is renowned for its durability and stability. 

Noawood cladding is a Malaysian Meranti that has undergone thermal treatment. This makes the timber class two in durability and stability, at par with Western Red Cedar.

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Timber Clad Cabins from Excel Modular

At Excel Modular, we provide top-quality, aesthetically pleasing cladding for modular buildings and portable cabins. Our buildings are as beautiful and durable on the outside as on the inside. If you are looking for a bespoke building, we have a range of exterior options for you to choose from.

Our knowledgeable team will happily assist you with designing your ideal space. If you are ready to buy your portable cabin or modular building, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team today. Find out how we can help you by filling out our contact form or by calling us on 01482 738027.

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