Modular buildings are an excellent space solution for many different sectors. More and more businesses are choosing modular buildings for their projects due to their cost-efficiency, speed, sustainability, adaptability, and durability, among other advantages. 

Choosing the perfect modular building manufacturer for your project is key to the success of your project, particularly if you are new to purchasing or hiring modular buildings. However, there are a number of key considerations you should take into account to help you choose the right provider for your needs. Let’s find out what you should think about when investing in a modular building. 

Modular building Installation

What to look for in modular building manufacturers

To make sure you are getting the best possible building to suit your specific needs, you should consider the following: 

Experience and professionalism 

Modular building manufacturers can be huge nationwide companies or smaller local businesses. You don’t necessarily have to look for the biggest business, but you should look for a professional modular building company with plenty of experience.

Professional and experienced manufacturers provide high-quality, durable modular buildings that maximise your budget. These manufacturers can also advise you on planning permission or aesthetic and practical decisions regarding your building, ensuring an exceptional end result. 

But how can you tell if a modular building provider is experienced and professional?

  1. Take a look at case studies or ask for examples of previous work. 
  2. Check their reviews and find out what their customers think!
  3. Find out what qualifications and accreditations they have earned. 


Modular buildings are used across a wide range of industries in the UK. They provide everything from motivating classrooms and branded workspaces to anti-vandal construction site security cabins. With such variety, selecting a modular building supplier experienced in your specific sector is important. 

Modular building companies often work with multiple sectors and offer many building types; however, they may have more significant experience with specific buildings/sectors. Find out which industries your modular building manufacturer particularly excels in by asking for examples or previous work. 

Your provider must understand your industry and your needs. To ensure they are experts in your industry, ask for examples of businesses in your sector that they have worked with previously.


Modular buildings, new or used, can be customised to fit your exact needs. In addition to ensuring that your modular building manufacturer is experienced in working in your sector, you should check that they provide the bespoke customisation choices you are looking for. 

Contact your provider to find out what customisation options they offer; this way, you will know that your building can be refurbished to meet your specific requirements.


Modular buildings are cheaper and quicker to build than traditional structures because they are mainly constructed in a controlled factory environment. This reduces costs associated with production, transportation, and installation. 

However, costs can vary between building types and modular building manufacturers. It is worth looking into multiple suppliers to find the best building for your budget. Your manufacturer must provide you with an itemised quote to avoid any surprise costs.

Some modular building companies sell and hire modular buildings. Depending on your budget, finding a modular building hire provider could be the perfect solution for you. 

Speed and delivery

Factory construction cuts costs and reduces time. Modular buildings are built and installed incredibly quickly, making them a great option if you require space as soon as possible.

Each modular building company manufactures and delivers buildings at different rates, so it’s essential to get a clear time frame from your provider. This will let you know exactly when your new building will be up and running.

Delivery can also impact speed and timelines. The closer your manufacturer is, the quicker your building can be delivered. However, this is not the only reason for considering delivery. Make sure you check where your preferred modular building manufacturer operates and delivers. Nothing would be worse than finding a manufacturer that ticks all your boxes only to discover they cannot deliver to your area. 

Excel Modular manufactures modular buildings in Hull but delivers nationwide.

refurbsihed modular building

Ensure you get the perfect modular building for your needs

There is a lot that modular building companies can do to make sure that you get the ideal building for your business, hence all of the considerations above. But what can you do on your end to ensure the best outcome for your business?


The first step is to research what type of modular building you are looking for. What kind of building will solve your spacing needs and requirements? Would you need additional customisation upgrades? What upgrades would you require?

Knowing what you are looking for, or at least having a rough idea, before contacting modular building manufacturers is a huge advantage. This way, you streamline your search and only contact providers that offer buildings suitable to your needs/industry, which saves you time and effort in the long run. 

Shop around:

When it comes time to contact modular building companies, contact several. This way, you can ensure you get the best building with all the customisation options you require for the best price. 


Clearly define your requirements and the type of building you want. This way, the modular building team can answer questions accurately and provide practical and design advice if needed. With all the information, your manufacturer can do everything possible to meet your expectations.


Find the perfect modular building with Excel Modular!

Excel Modular is a modular building company based in Hull with over 40 years of experience. We manufacture and supply new and used modular and portable buildings across the UK.

At Excel Modular, we are full members of the MPBA and have earned the Acclaim Health and Safety Accreditation. So you can be sure our buildings are made to the highest standards and follow all health and safety regulations. 

We have specialised in several buildings, from temporary classrooms to portable laboratory facilities. Whether you want to buy or hire, we have the modular building solution for you!

To find out more about our modular buildings, browse our available stock or contact our friendly team today.