Businesses and organisations are currently facing more challenges than ever before; from rising operational costs and cash flow problems to supply chain delays and employee retention, it’s crucial that the changing needs of your business are not only innovative but also cost-effective. That’s why here at Excel Modular we recommend looking into refurbished modular buildings, as they offer multiple advantages that will give your company that much-needed competitive edge.


Modular buildings are the fuss-free solution

One of the major selling points of modular buildings is that they’re designed and manufactured off-site by our specialists in a factory-controlled environment. The structure is then transported to its final location for assembly, which greatly reduces turnaround time, disruption to your premises, and also the amount you pay compared to the traditional construction route.

New modular buildings are very affordable in themselves, but second  hand modular buildings that are refurbished to suit your requirements come at an even lower price. This makes them highly cost-effective and very easy to fit into any budget, making them perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes around the UK.


Used modular buildings offer excellent flexibility

Modular buildings are a popular choice for all kinds of sectors, as they can be easily reconfigured or expanded to accommodate changing business needs. This flexibility and scalability means that you can use your modular building for anything from offices to dining facilities, classrooms to meeting spaces, changing rooms to shower blocks, and anything else that you require on your site.

Over the years we’ve supplied used modular buildings to a wide range of industries, including businesses operating in the corporate, retail, manufacturing, logistics, education and automotive sectors, as well as many others. Whenever you need refurbished modular buildings, we’re here for you!


refurbsihed modular building


Nothing beats the speed of modular construction

A common problem that arises when it comes to construction is the time it takes between conceptualisation and completion. This simply doesn’t apply to second hand modular buildings, as everything is up and running in a fraction of the time due to streamlined processes and the highly efficient team of experts here at Excel Modular.

Even bad weather doesn’t affect the turnaround time, as the building is simply installed on your site rather than being built brick by brick from the ground up. This also benefits the air quality within the building, as moisture isn’t given the opportunity to settle in the materials during the construction process.


Quality assurance is guaranteed

If this is your first time looking into investing in used modular buildings, we understand that you may have some reservations. That’s why we’re here to put your mind at ease, as all of our refurbished modular buildings are of the highest quality and everything is inspected beforehand so that it meets all quality standards and complies with building codes. The result is a used modular building that fulfils all of your requirements as well as all safety regulations, only for a lower cost than what you may expect.


Refurbished modular buildings are a sustainable choice

Modular construction produces less waste and has a smaller environmental footprint compared to conventional building methods, making it a more sustainable option for businesses. Refurbished modular buildings take this even further, as the used building is being given a brand new purpose rather than being sent to landfill.

If you’re looking for a truly sustainable way to expand your premises, used modular buildings present the perfect blend of versatility and eco-friendly construction. This makes them a very easy and convenient way to strengthen your company’s environmental strategy.



Refurbished modular building

Unlimited customisation

Buying a second-hand modular building doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than perfection. We will customise the build as much as possible, so anything is possible.  External finishes, window styles, colours and internal layout are just some of the many things that can be discussed with our sales team.  From steps and ramps to air conditioning and service connections, we’ll ensure that everything you need is integrated into your used modular building from day one.


The applications of refurbished modular buildings

As mentioned, refurbished modular buildings have diverse applications across various industries. Here are a few examples to give you a feel for just how adaptive they can be:

Modern office spaces: Businesses can use refurbished modular buildings as temporary or permanent offices to accommodate growing teams or provide additional workspace. This also means that if you have particularly busy seasons when temporary workers are required, you won’t have any trouble finding room for them.

Inspiring educational spaces: Nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and training centres all use refurbished modular buildings for a wide range of purposes. From classrooms and workshops to administrative offices, staff rooms, science labs and cafeterias, used modular buildings can host all of these environments and more.

Friendly healthcare facilities: Refurbished modular buildings can serve as medical clinics, laboratories, offices, vaccination hubs, blood donation centres, temporary healthcare facilities and more. That’s why they’re chosen by healthcare organisations around the UK as a fast, affordable and effective means of keeping on top of the needs of patients and communities.

Canteen & Welfare Facility:  If your business is expanding and you require additional facilities to keep up with increasing staff, purchasing a refurbished canteen is a great starting point.  We can provide canteen, toilets, shower and kitchen facilities either in modular form or as a single portable building.


Modular buildings provide an easy way to grow your business

Investing in a refurbished modular building presents an excellent opportunity for your business to optimise its workspaces, save costs, enhance flexibility and grow in a manageable way. With their numerous benefits and diverse applications, used modular buildings offer a practical and sustainable solution for businesses looking to adapt to changing needs and remain ahead of the curve.


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