Things can change fast when you are running a business, and your buildings need to be able to respond. Businesses that need to grow through new premises or expand their current buildings find fast solutions in modular buildings.

There can be a number of reasons why an organisation might need to reconsider its current accommodation. Whether a business has grown or is just starting out, it can often be faced with the need for a quick space solution. Modular building companies offer these businesses an incredibly fast answer that traditional buildings can’t.


What is modular construction?

Modular buildings are constructed in a factory environment and then assembled on site when they are ready. Made up of individual ‘modules’, they are individually constructed in a factory environment. These modules are then slotted together where they are needed using cranes.

Many people understand the concept of the old prefab buildings that became popular after World War II as a quick answer to new housing. Businesses are now realising the benefits of this method of construction, which provides a much swifter option than traditional construction.

Modular buildings in a factory

Are modular buildings right for you?

The short answer is yes, in most cases. Modular buildings are incredibly flexible, which means they are able to provide an answer to space in almost any situation.

Before we get into why a modular building is the perfect answer for your quick expansion, let’s dispel some misconceptions.

“Modular buildings are only a short-term solution”

This is absolutely incorrect. Many people think that modular buildings are a temporary answer to office space. However, modular buildings are designed and built to be durable and, therefore, last for many years.

“Modular buildings are ugly”

Again, people could not be more wrong. Not all modular buildings are created equal. There is so much more to modular buildings than the drab prefab buildings dumped in school playgrounds for additional classroom space. With so many design features, including external wood cladding, modern modular buildings can be a thing of beauty.

“Modular buildings are cold”

Not anymore. In the past, modular buildings were draughty, cold boxes that were uncomfortable, particularly in the winter months. So much has changed since those days, and developments in the industry have improved wellbeing in modular buildings. High-quality materials improve insulation and HVAC units keep spaces comfortable.

“Modular buildings are basic”

Absolutely not. Previously, modular buildings were plain boxes with very little personalisation, if any. Nowadays, modular buildings have taken a massive leap forward in terms of design and flexibility. Companies can design spaces that reflect their personality and cater to their unique needs.

Modular buildings have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. Developments in construction methods, improvements in design and a better understanding of ergonomics have positively impacted the industry.

Image shows a modular building on a crane being put into position

When you need space fast

Modular buildings in the UK provide a perfect solution for organisations that need to respond to change rapidly. No matter what industry you are involved with, there is likely to come a time when your premises need to change.

Schools often need to handle fluctuating student populations or add further facilities and provisions. Hospitals are required to provide more beds or additional clinics to meet patient demand. Companies can experience increased business or an influx of staff due to new contract requirements. The examples of organisations expanding are many, and in a lot of cases, this expansion can come with little notice.

Modular buildings are uniquely designed to give companies the responsiveness that would not be possible with a traditional building.

Looking for the space you need in the real estate market relies on what is available. Building availability may not meet the location, space or layout requirements of your business. Finding an existing building to buy or rent can be incredibly time-consuming and limiting.

Alternatively, building new premises from scratch using traditional construction methods can be costly and take a long time. Modular buildings offer purchasers cost savings of around 50% compared to the traditional bricks-and-mortar option. You’ll also find time savings of around 75%.


How are Modular Buildings completed so quickly?

We’ve talked a lot about how modular buildings provide business owners with a fast option for new business premises. How do they do it?

Primarily, the speed of modular buildings comes from their construction method. As modular buildings are manufactured in a factory environment, this gives the whole process a high level of control. Factory manufacturing is carefully planned and is not affected by adverse weather conditions.

The installation of modular buildings is also a streamlined process. Whilst traditional construction can take months, even years, the modular method is much faster. As groundworks on a modular project are nowhere near as disruptive as conventional construction, the site is ready much quicker. Then, once modules are delivered to your site, installation can take just days, depending on the complexity of your project.

If your business needs something even quicker, a standard design or a pre-used building could be ready even faster. Many companies, like ours, have stock ready for installation to accommodate organisations that need fast installation.


Additional benefits of modular buildings

As well as providing companies with responsive premises quickly, modular buildings have many other advantages.

Factory manufacturing provides a more environmentally friendly option to construction. Factory manufacturing is carefully monitored, and efficient processes help drastically reduce carbon emissions. Recyclable and sustainable materials are also planned to avoid unnecessary waste.

Modular buildings are also incredibly energy efficient, with high-quality insulation and effective HVAC and heating systems. Not only does this mean that they are comfortable, but they are cheap to run.

All in all, modular buildings provide a compelling alternative to offices, classrooms, healthcare services and sporting facilities, among many other applications.


Excel Modular supply buildings fast

We have over 40 years of experience supplying modular buildings from our Hull, East Yorkshire site. We understand how to help companies with a wide range of building options and can work to your demanding timelines.

Whether you are looking for new buildings for a school, hospital, manufacturing site or leisure facility, Excel Modular can help. Our design team can help provide a tailored building for your specialised needs. Or we can offer an off-the-shelf solution for more simple requirements.

Speak to our team today to find out how we can work to your precise modular building needs.