From design to manufacturing, installation to energy efficiency, modular buildings are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional buildings. A study by the University of Cambridge and Edinburgh Napier University found that modular construction emits 45% less carbon than traditional building methods. 

Modular buildings are increasing in popularity, not just because of their cost-efficiency and speed, but because they’re sustainable. More and more sectors are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and become greener overall. Sectors, including education and business, are making this change happen and are choosing modular buildings.

Minimising waste with digital, volumetric design

The digital age we live in has allowed for countless advancements in construction. Digital design allows the virtual construction of a building from concept designs to the final product. These designs allow manufacturers to plan the construction process and the required materials accordingly.

Modular building companies design buildings that use volumetric construction. Volumetric construction is off-site construction whereby buildings are assembled by connecting pre-built sections called modules. 

Modular buildings’ digital, three-dimensional design produces highly accurate buildings. This accuracy in the design stage eliminates waste during construction, which, of course, improves sustainability. 

Streamlined manufacturing to preserve materials and utilise waste 

Volumetric construction means 90% of the building work occurs in a controlled factory. This is where individual modules are fabricated. Along with the accurate design, streamlined manufacturing reduces building waste. Any excess materials are reused, repurposed or recycled, ensuring sustainability. 

Due to being built in a factory environment, materials used to create modular buildings are preserved and protected from factors like weather. This allows for quality control that would be impossible on a traditional building site, reducing the likelihood of waste due to damage. 

Two storey modular building

Modular building delivery reduces carbon emissions 

Pre-constructed modules require fewer vehicles for transportation than those needed to deliver materials to traditional building sites. This means fewer vehicles commuting to and from the construction site, which reduces traffic congestion, noise pollution and community impact. 

Modular projects have up to 90% fewer vehicle movements than traditional building projects. This significantly reduces carbon emissions, which is excellent news for the environment. 

Quick Installation for greener construction

Once the modules are delivered to site, our dedicated installation team will install the building on your site and the building will be weathertight within 24 hours (subject to size of project). Due to streamlined construction, whether it is a stand-alone building or a modular extension, the installation process is swift.

Depending on customisations, a modular building can be installed in a matter of days. This is incredibly helpful for your business as your new building will be ready to use incredibly quickly. Fast installation is also fantastic news for the environment due to minimised disruption to wildlife.

Modular building being installed

Eco-friendly, energy-efficient buildings 

Modular buildings in the UK are sustainable in construction and throughout their lives. This is because modular building companies built them with modern needs and sustainability in mind. 

Modular buildings feature high-quality insulation, advanced sealing techniques and HVAC systems. These features prevent thermal leakage and maintain heat within the building. This reduces the need to crank up the radiators, which reduces energy usage. Reduced energy usage is eco-friendly and saves you money on your bills.

To further reduce your energy bills and increase sustainability, you can fit your modular building with solar panels and LED lights are fitted as standard. 

Lifelong sustainability with modular building companies 

Modular buildings are durable and adaptable, making them an excellent long-term sustainable solution. Modular buildings can last at least 30 years and upwards of 50, depending on how they are maintained. Modular buildings are also flexible, meaning they can be customised and updated over time to meet the changing needs of your business. 

Modular buildings are not simply discarded as waste after use. Purchasing or hiring a used modular building is even more sustainable, as you can breathe new life into a preloved building. Choosing a used building does not mean you have to compromise on quality. Due to their longevity and adaptability, a used modular building can be completely refurbished to meet your needs effectively.

modular building with wooden exterior

Additional benefits of modular buildings 

Sustainability is critical when purchasing new or additional facilities for your business, especially with global warming being at the forefront of many people’s minds. 

However, there are many more factors which make modular buildings appealing:

  • Cost-effective: Using a factory, as well as reduced transportation and installation time, minimises cost. Modular construction is incredibly cost-effective and allows you to stretch your budget further than traditional buildings.
  • Speed: Modular buildings can be built and installed up to 70% faster than traditional buildings. 
  • Bespoke options: Modular building companies offer various bespoke options so you can customise your modular building to fit your requirements. This could be anything from flooring and accessibility features to decor and paint. 
  • Health & Safety: Greater health & safety for staff thanks to a controlled factory environment and fewer risks than a construction site.

Excel Modular: Sustainable Modular Buildings UK

Excel Modular has over 40 years of experience supplying and hiring sustainable modular and portable buildings in the UK.

Our professional site teams all have CSCS accreditations, and our managers are NEBOSH or SMSTS certified to ensure the best possible service. We also hold Acclaim/SSIP accreditation.

We offer a wide range of new and used modular buildings. Take a look at our current stock or contact our expert team today to see how we can reduce your environmental impact with modular construction.