At Excel Modular Buildings we strive to enforce the idea of eco-friendly design and efficient production with sales of our modular products and our cabin, anti-vandal and modular classroom hire

In reality, we’ve been utilising the concept of modular building since we were kids in the classroom, upgrading monster trucks to Transformer standards and adding to skyscrapers until they were piercing the clouds.

You would think with the amount of times we’d trod on these innovative building blocks of life barefoot that we’d have thought of picking them up and making something of them sooner.

It’s only just recently that the idea of modular construction has clicked and is now connecting all kinds of different trades. The gadget industry has been the latest to discover its benefits, from mobile phones to watches, headphones and desktops, the latest in modern technology are jumping on the bandwagon as master builders of modular construction.

Like Lego, part of the fun is adding to your collection. With modular technology, the idea of an upgrade no longer means getting rid of your old toys to make room for expensive new ones. Companies such as Phonebloks, founded by Dave Hakkens, are working towards producing a more eco-friendly and cost efficient mobile phone having designed several concepts for modular devices.

One concept which is in development is the ZTE ECO-MOBIUS which one can upgrade with the use of different detachable modules. This innovative design avoids the build up of e-waste – instead of purchasing of a whole new device one can simply upgrade a single part.

Worldwide, we’re generating up to 50 million tons of e-waste a year, with only a small percentage of our old electronics being recycled. This means that toxic chemicals such as Coltan and Mercury contained in these devices are polluting the environment at the rapid rate at which they’re being tipped into landfills.

Suddenly, the latest and greatest in technology isn’t about the latest in touch technology or voice control but the advancements that we can and must make to build a better world, and this is the foundation on which modular construction is built.

At Excel Modular Building, we want to implement this kind of change in the construction industry and to spread the eco-message. We use solar panels in our buildings to generate electricity, install energy efficient windows and we make resourceful use of materials to ensure we produce as little waste as possible. To find out more about the benefits, from energy efficiency to substantial savings, which can be made with the construction of our modular buildings, contact us at 01482 48866.