Modular buildings are becoming an increasingly popular option within educational settings. With sustainability being a huge priority for 21st century schools, building schools for the future is necessary.

Many schools have inherited older, more traditional buildings such as Victorian structures. These draughty properties come with a large carbon footprint and aren’t as reliable as other alternatives.

Modular classrooms are fast gaining in popularity – and it’s not hard to see why. They are convenient, quick to construct and they tick all the boxes in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability, allowing schools to expand their premises without starting things from scratch.

The Ever-Growing Need

Because of the current boom in population, schools are in fact under constant pressure to accommodate a large intake of students, of all ages. There has been a recent surge in school aged children – when combined with a responsibility to build sustainably, this has led to a huge rise in modular classrooms.

The prefabricated buildings are most often built off site and delivered fully formed to the school site, meaning no disturbance for day to day school running. Nevertheless, they can be made with bespoke specifications in mind.

Functionality Needs

Within school environments, a one size fits all simple function is not always ideal. Multiple functionality is an added benefit. Modular classrooms can be designed in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes – all to suit every purpose. They can be altered to include extra features such as multiple rooms, plumbed in toilets, sinks, wheelchair ramps, extra windows and doors and much more. Whatever functionality is needed, modular classrooms can be modified to incorporate them.

Not only do they have flexible functionality, but they can also double up on functionality – a regular classroom could double as a music studio or even a meeting room.

Mobile classrooms are also moveable, so if the infrastructure of the school were to change, the modular classroom can simply be moved to a more suitable location.


There is a constant concern for just how ‘green’ our current construction methods are. Especially when it comes to structures within education systems, NHS, governmental bodies and so on.

Modular classrooms live up to their eco-credentials through many key design and construction aspects. They are energy efficient due to their well-insulated structures and are cheap to heat. They also employ energy efficient lighting, translating into lower energy bills for the school.

The buildings are made from sustainable materials with much of the materials sourced from FSC certified forests and sustainability sourced.

They are also long lasting and are anything but a temporary solution. They are specifically designed to last for at least 50 years – sometimes even more. They have minimal upkeep requirements and are hassle-free to construct. Unlike the usual bricks and mortar project, a modular classroom can be installed in a matter of weeks.

students study in a modular classroom with male teacher

The Future for Modular Classrooms

With this great method developing at such a fast rate, the sky is the limit for modular construction. More bodies are embracing the benefits of the modular buildings, for functional classrooms and more. It’s not hard to envision how they could be used throughout the nation and even globally, for various reasons – from solving the housing crisis to creating affordable and functional classrooms. After all, the education of our children if the future.

Mobile Classrooms from Excel Modular

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