For many schools and education settings, the process of updating your current buildings to meet your requirements efficiently and with a low-cost outcome is an uphill struggle. With many school buildings created in the 70s, or even before, there’s a lot of room for ongoing issues or hidden problems that can be a headache for any school, especially where students and classes can be easily disrupted. There’s a lot to say for these old classrooms, which are steeped in years of history and teaching, but in many cases, are just not efficient – or green – enough for modern demands.



Going Modular

Modular buildings are everywhere you look – from construction sites to the healthcare industry, modular units provide a valuable low-cost and energy-efficient location with many different uses. Whereas the development or conversion of a classroom within an existing building may involve vast amounts of prep work, from asbestos testing through to complex planning around school holidays, modular units provide a resource that’s immediately suitable, flexible and modern to help your students continue their education in an appropriate setting.

Adaptable To Your Needs

One of the great advantages of going modular is how flexible the units are – providing you with a blank shell to stamp your school’s ideals and personality onto, from flexible learning classrooms through to mindfulness rooms and offices for staff and administration. With so much freedom, it’s easy to meet the exact educational needs of your pupils and provide additional resources and support with the extra money saved from choosing to not remodel internal structures.

Flexible Learning – Greener Outcome

Not only are modular buildings environmentally-friendly with the lack of building and upheaval required for installation, they’re also fully recyclable. To surpass your environmental commitments, choose used and recycled buildings that can be adapted to your needs rather than opting for a brand-new fabrication. This will save you time on installation and will give you more freedom to increase your facilities.

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