When it comes to getting that extra space you need, a portable building is a smart way of going about it. Suitable for a whole host of uses, from classrooms to site canteens, temporary offices and more, there are a variety of advantages to investing in a portable building. Among these advantages are all the environmental benefits these portable buildings bring.

Now more than ever, we need to make an effort to be environmentally conscious. When undertaking any kind of building project, the environmental impact of this project should be considered, with efforts made to reduce any negative impact. Here are four ways in which portable buildings are more environmentally friendly than their more traditional counterparts.



Quicker to Build

A modular or portable building takes much less time to erect than a traditional brick structure. Less time is spent getting your new building ready, meaning fewer resources are used, and this reduces the amount of harmful emissions released by any on-site machinery.

There are other factors as well, such as reduced vehicle emissions from workers not arriving to your site every day for an extended period of time. All this reduces the harmful environmental impact that construction sites can have on the planet.

Refurb Option

Another big advantage this type of building offers is the opportunity for you to purchase refurbished portable buildings. By choosing a building that has been refurbished, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. Refurb units still have the same high-quality design and robust components, but in a way that helps you do your bit for the environment. You’ll also save on some costs by not having to furnish the building yourself from scratch.

Better Fit for Temporary Needs

If you only need an office or space for a few months, then erecting a permanent building makes very little sense. The environmental cost, as well as the monetary cost, of building one simply does not merit the use it will get. With that in mind, a portable building is a much eco-friendlier choice. When you have finished using it, the modular unit can simply be taken away and reused at the next site where temporary space is needed.

Reduced On-Site Deliveries

Getting a portable building into place requires fewer site deliveries when compared to traditional building methods. Reduced deliveries mean less noise, congestion and emissions into the environment, which is naturally much better for everyone. With a portable building project, the unit simply arrives and is positioned where you need it in one go. It also allows you to get started on your work much sooner, meaning you don’t have to delay important projects whilst waiting for a space to be built.

Let Excel Modular Help Today

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